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Is your pool in need of repairs, replastering, new pumps or does it just look horrible? The professionals at Oceanside Pool Repair can get your pool back in shape and ready for your next pool party. Call (760) 573-2257 for a FREE ESTIMATE!

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We're North San Diego County's premier pool maintenance and repair company specializing in outstanding customer service. We work on all pool types: Salt and Chlorine, and there are no hidden fees.Has your swimming pool turned green from algae? When you swim does the water make your eyes burn? Does it look cloudy, or smell like chlorine? Are you sure your pool water is safe for your children?

As pool maintenance professionals, our service and repair skills are backed by 15 years of pool building & service experience. We know swimming pools inside out, so if there's a problem with yours, we can fix it.Call us for weekly full service pool maintenance. This service includes testing chemical levels, skimming pool surfaces, vacuuming pool, brushing walls & steps, emptying pump and skimmer baskets and more!

  • Great service with fast and reliable work. They got my pool repaired in just a couple of days. Just in time for a big party.

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  • We moved into a new house with an old, ugly pool. Oceanside Pools did a new plaster job and now our pool looks amazing!

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  • Oceanside Pool Repair did a fabulous job and was extremely affordable. Our pump system works like it should again. Thanks so much.

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    John & Jennifer

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