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We take your pool repair extremely seriously. We only use professional methods and quality materials to ensure you receive the absolute best finished product.

pool-plaster-roll-on-cement-replaster-2Has the concrete bordering your swimming pool dipped or cleared up, producing a hazardous uneven surface? Is there a sticking out concrete edge where one area of the slab has resolved below one more?

Many concrete pool decks are prone to resolving due to the swimming pool building process. The backfill soil that’s included around the swimming pool excavation will certainly not be as thick or well-compacted as the undisturbed dirt further from the pool.

When a hefty concrete piece is put around the pool, loosened soil will certainly often press under the piece’s weight, creating sections of the concrete to sink or resolve.

The old-school repair service for settled concrete is still used by some service providers. They generate hefty tools, knock down the settled sections of the swimming pool border, and put a new concrete deck. There may be damage to your backyard, and the swimming pool remains unusable until the brand-new concrete has hardened as well as healed. PolyLevel ® removes this costly, turbulent as well as lengthy process.

PolyLevel ® is a high-density broadening foam that our specialists could use to raise resolved concrete. The two-part polyurethane foam blend is infused with tiny holes drilled in the settled concrete. Our installers are trained to control the injection process so that just sufficient foam is made use of to re-level the concrete deck. Since the foam’s broadening action fills voids in loosened soil, this repair service method improves the soil’s security and load-bearing characteristics. You will feel confident that issues won’t occur again.